UKS “”Ronin Team” operates at Warsaw Żoliborz district. The Club, which specializes in judo, was established as a non - profit organization by sensei Zbigniew Zając (3 DAN). The main goal of the club is to train children and teenagers in the beautiful and fair play martial art. However, you cannot be successful if you do not know the roots. And here the knowledge of an unusually interesting history, beautiful traditions and wonderful Japanese culture can be very helpful.

A wide variety of friends, including the Japanese Embassy help us. Last year during the sports camp there was organized the Japanese Day. All the members of our centre (500 people) could admire Samurai swords, watch films about Japan, eat with chop sticks and try original sushi.
In spite of its short existence the club can boast about achievements worth mentioning. Within the last two years our competitors won more than 100 medals in various important competitions. We can also pride ourselves on having current Warsaw champions among our young children.

Coaching in UKS “Ronin Team” starts at the age of five. There are more than 120 children practicing in the club at the moment. Each September new groups for the youngest are set up and the number of competitors reaches 160.

The club performs also some social actions aimed at children from poor and pathological families. We cooperate with orphanages and social aid centres. We take part in various open air events to promote judo and healthy way of living.

All Polish and foreign clubs are welcomed to cooperate with us in organizing joint camps and to participate in our competitions.

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